El Paso Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

El Paso alcohol counseling is essential for anyone who has a drinking problem. When alcohol enters the system, the flush of warmth that comes over the body, the sense of slowing down and the gentle feeling of well-being, tend to be pleasant enough. In no more than a few minutes, though, the harmful, toxic effects of the drug begin to take over.

Many people find it hard to distinguish between hangovers and withdrawals -- probably because they are both unpleasant experiences. Alcohol withdrawal is a different phenomenon, though. While hangovers go away the moment the body is cleansed of all toxins, alcohol withdrawal doesn't. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks. However, El Paso alcohol treatment centers can make this process go a little easier. To learn more about available treatment options or for help finding El Paso alcohol treatment centers that fit your recovery needs, call us at (915) 219-5848.

What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal?

When a person routinely drinks excessively (the NIAAA defines excessive drinking as five drinks for men, and three drinks for women, in the space of two or three hours), a number harmful effects on the brain come about.

The pleasure and loss of inhibition that immediately follow alcohol consumption come from the way the chemical acts on the brain's limbic system and prefrontal cortex. Alcohol raises the limbic system's exposure to the dopamine neurotransmitter, producing feelings of pleasure and well-being, and also forcing the brain to record deep affinity to alcohol.

The effect of the drug (alcohol is considered a drug) on the prefrontal cortex raises the brain's exposure to the GABA neurotransmitter, and lowers inhibition. Such neurotransmitter disruptions, while pleasant in the short term, can become seriously harmful before long.

Alcohol Detox

The fact that withdrawing from alcohol creates life-threatening symptoms complicates alcohol addiction. The way out is to find alcohol rehab centers that have expertise in suppressing the symptoms well. While it might seem as if every rehab would be qualified, it doesn't work that way. Most rehabs simply offer cookie-cutter solutions, where they treat every patient with the same prescriptions.

El Paso drug treatment centers recognizes that the best alcohol treatment centers are different. At the best rehabs, every patient is extensively evaluated for individualized treatment based on the specific withdrawal symptoms in evidence. If a commonly used alcohol withdrawal drug such as Antabuse is ineffective with the patient, El Paso doctors look for off-label such as Suboxone, clonidine hydrochloride or gamma-aminobutyric acid (baclofen). It takes a great deal of expertise and patience for doctors to individually evaluate and medicate each patient.

After detox is complete, you should seek out Alcoholics Anonymous (http://www.aaelpaso.org/), a support group for addicts, in order to avoid relapse. Don't wait to seek help. Call (915) 219-5848 for help finding El Paso drug detox centers today!

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