Synthetic Drugs Sales - Crackdown in Texas

Texas Crackdown Synthetic Drugs Sales

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking action against stores selling synthetic drugs. His office announced a lawsuit against a store in Houston for selling synthetic marijuana. The substance "has been linked to overdoses, serious injuries and even deaths," according to the office. An undercover investigation had been made at the store and over 150 bags of synthetic marijuana were seized.

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Abusing Synthetic Drugs

Drugs abuse is a major health and safety issue in the nation. There are still problems of drugs abuse with familiar substances such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, inhalants and marijuana. Recently developed drugs are also being introduced to the population, including K2 or spice which is synthetic marijuana, bath salts which are amphetamine-like stimulants found naturally in the Khat plant, and inhalants such as compressed air cans.

Drugs abuse happens with substances when people misuse them for unintended purposes. Over time, this misuse leads to tolerance (more of the drug is needed for same effects) and dependence (the body requires the drug to function), creating addiction. Then, the person is unable to stop using drugs because of the appearance of painful withdrawal symptoms during the attempt to stop. Drugs abuse and addiction is a complex medical disease because the psychoactive properties in drugs change the brain's chemistry and structure in ways that cause compulsive drug abuse, making quitting hard to accomplish without medical supervision.

Drugs abuse and addiction can occur with both prescription and street drugs. Here are a few of the most commonly abused drugs and their properties.

Psychoactive bath salts (PABS) are designer drugs of abuse reported to cause extreme intoxication requiring emergency room visits. A designer drug is one manufactured to mimic the pharmacological effects of the original drug, made to avoid being classified as illegal, or to avoid being detected in drug testing. Bath salts are not hygiene products, but are central nervous system stimulants inhibiting brain chemicals. Unexpected and harmful reactions are common, may lead to serious and possibly lethal effects and are known to cause brain damage.

Getting Help

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