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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Everyone in the world makes mistakes. We all make wrong turns. We all lose sight of ourselves and where we wanted to go in life. Alcohol addiction is merely a wrong turn down a dark alley. No one thinks of a moment that the first drink that they took the exit marked "Addiction". They took a drink to celebrate, maybe to loosen up, or even just to get a buzz. There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking. It is a social custom and if you are not an alcoholic it can actually be good for the body. Elements in wine have been known to both help the heart and assist in anti-aging hormone production. That first drink was an act without intention, a trigger pulled in a game of Russian Roulette. It wasn't with the goal of becoming an alcoholic, so release yourself from that guilt. You made a mistake. So what now?

Where do you stand in this moment of controversy and challenge?

El Paso Alcohol Treatment Centers are there to help you with that challenge. They are there to help provide you with the tools to measure yourself, but more importantly heal yourself. It is a place to let go of guilt, to let go of fear, and to embrace life again. When you free yourself from the grips of alcoholism you are opening a new door in your life. You are entering an undiscovered country, a new land of opportunity. Alcoholism is a disease. It is a binding chain that prevents you from being all that you can be. By breaking that chain you free yourself.

Many people aren't able to embrace this perspective as fully with alcohol as they would with drugs because of its prevalence on every dining table in America. It is hard to say you will never drink again when you have endless Christmas parties, office parties, celebrations, etc in your future, all of which involving alcohol. However, if you are able to say "no" and to accept that challenge you are saying to yourself that you want to scale a mountain and see what's at the top. It is a feat no less challenging or rewarding than that.

In order to help you, the Alcohol Treatment Centers El Paso offers can provide you not only with a safe and medical detoxification but a holistic treatment approach that will help you build upon strengths within and to learn a new method of pleasing yourself and others. You may wish to learn yoga or meditation or even a new sport. You will learn how to cook for yourself and how to live a healthy lifestyle. You will learn how to repair and restore relationships with others and the one you have had with yourself. If you will reach out, there are dedicated drug treatment professionals who will help you do the rest.

It just takes deciding where you stand.

Getting treatment for your disease is easier now than ever before. Gone is the stigma of puritanical prohibition era paradigms, lost to medical science and evidence based modalities. Addiction is not categorized as a chronic disease.

Most insurance companies have included alcohol and drug treatment into their plans because it is now generally accepted that addiction is a disease

If you choose help you will have your insurance to fall back on. Insurance plans currently include addiction treatment so patients who choose to enter drug treatment centers need to be sure to assert their rights to treatment through the insurance company.

If you wish to stand up for yourself and grab at a future without addiction to alcohol, there are dedicated rehab councilors ready to help you. Call El Paso Drug Treatment Centers today for help finding Addiction Treatment programs that will start you on the path to recovery. Call 915-219-5848 today.

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