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Drug Intervention is about helping families. As with most terrible and chronic diseases, drug addiction doesn't just affect the individual who is living with it. It can have a profound and measured effect on the lives of those around individuals inflicted by it. Time spent caring for the person, money spent on the disease, frustrations of dealing with someone who is in pain—all of these can also be attributed to living and loving someone with an addiction. Worse yet, you see the entire personality of the addict change. They cease to be that person you loved or fell in love with but become someone else entirely. Most families we speak to that are looking for answers or help say the same things:

They're like someone else... I don't even know this person they've become!

I've lost my child!

It's like they hate me...why does he treat me this way?

Addiction has an effect upon the brain's neurological pathways and development of neurotransmitters. The brain slowly ceases to make its own chemicals and relies upon the drugs ingested for this process. Since all drugs have a chemical half-life, the addict is constantly going through an emotional roller-coaster that affects all aspects of their lives by vacillating between temperaments. Certain drugs also have side effects such as lowering of testosterone in men. Surprisingly low testosterone creates aggressive behavior, when one would believe the opposite to be true. This is why you see addicts become angry, bitter, and aggressive or why you see them retreat and fall into periods of prolonged depression.

When you notice aberrant behavior, when the individual becomes aggressive, you should seek immediate drug intervention because the behavior will not get better. It will only become worse due to the change in chemicals within his or her system.

The Centers for Drug Intervention El Paso TX offers can provide intermediary programs where an outside party who specializes in addiction recovery assists the family of the addict with encouraging him or her to seek treatment in a rehab. Most interventionists are former addicts who have many years of sobriety behind them and can both be an impartial advocate for the family, but also speak from personal experience about the necessity of treatment.

Many families have had a great deal of luck with intervention programs. There are trained intervention specialists that are experienced at helping addicts to seek treatment. They can guide families in what approach to take with theira loved one, how to plan the intervention, and the transition period between the intervention and rehab. It is usually best to have a rehab chosen already ready for the addict so that as soon as they say "yes" you can check them into a facility. If too much time is given between the periods where the addict accepts the decision he or she may back out.

Drug addiction can be beaten. There are long lists of addicts, people with horrific problems with drugs and alcohol, who have successfully moved into sobriety. Rock star Nikki Sixx wrote a successful novel, Heroin Diaries, about his battle with addiction. The proceeds from this book go to shelters for addicts. He is ten years sober with multiple businesses and artistic pursuits credited to him. This is a perfect example to show that it is possible to get clean. It is possible to get your loved one "back". Holding an intervention is the first step towards recovery.

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