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What Are the Effects of Stopping Drinking?

The effects of stopping drinking, especially cold turkey and on your own, may be deadly...   Alcohol abuse is an example of how something that is legal can have extremely harmful effects when a person abuses it. Alcohol is not only addictive, it can create changes in the brain and body that c... Read More

The Twelve Steps of NA

Learning about Narcotics Anonymous (NA)...   The early history of Narcotics anonymous (NA), in nineteen fifty-three NA was founded in Jimmy Kinnon along with others. In difference to its predecessors, NA was formed in fellowship with mutually supporting groups. Its founding members, man... Read More

What is Kratom?

A Breif Look at what is Kratom......   Sometimes, substances that are intended to be beneficial end up being the complete opposite when not used properly. Kratom is a good example of one of these substances. Many people are unaware that this herb actually exists. But what is kratom, exactly? ... Read More

Long Term Effects of Opiates

The long term effects of opiates certainly outweigh any "good" feeling an addict may experience. Learn the signs and how to get someone help....   Opiates are all the rage around the world. Heroin especially, being that it is less expensive, and just as potent (or more so) as pharma... Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

Substance Abuse Treatment and the Average Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline...   Recovering from Alcohol Addiction can be an intimidating and physically taxing process, this fact is only highlighted by the first step of the alcohol withdrawal timeline: detox. Detoxing is the process in which the bo... Read More

El Paso's Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

El Paso Drug Treatment Centers can help you find residential and out-patient programs which help patients through both detox, rehab and recovery....   Are you looking for the best inpatient drug rehab centers in your area? Are you looking for somewhere safe where you can find medical and psyc... Read More

About EDM Drug Culture

A Brief Look into EDM Drug Culture:...   What is MDMA? MDMA is an acronym for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. This is an illegal, powerful, psychoactive drug which comes in capsule or tablet form and taken orally. Sometimes people open the capsules and are able to snort the contents. MDMA... Read More

El Paso Xanax Drug Treatment

Xanax Drug Treatment El Paso (877) 804-1531...   Prescription drug abuse is on the rise across the United States. Indeed, Xanax abuse is high among the most common types of prescription drug abuse. The reasons for this are numerous but boil down to its extremely addictive qu... Read More

El Paso Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

El Paso alcohol counseling is essential for anyone who has a drinking problem. When alcohol enters the system, the flush of warmth that comes over the body, the sense of slowing down and the gentle feeling of well-being, tend to be pleasant enough. In no more than a few minutes, though, the harmful,... Read More

El Paso Marijuana Dependence Rehab

Marijuana is a drug derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. The dried flowers, leaves and stems are smoked, mixed in food or brewed in teas. Marijuana contains an active ingredient called THC, which creates sensations of relaxation and euphoria. Street names for the drug include herb, weed, pot, gra... Read More

Synthetic Drugs Sales - Crackdown in Texas

Texas Crackdown Synthetic Drugs Sales...   Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking action against stores selling synthetic drugs. His office announced a lawsuit against a store in Houston for selling synthetic marijuana. The substance "has been linked to overdoses, serious ... Read More

Personalizing Addiction Treatment

Personalizing Addiction Treatment El Paso...   The vast majority of drug addicts will not admit they have a drug problem or that they are addicted to any substance. They are confident in their ability to stop abusing at any given time, although they haven't successfully quit. Addicts... Read More

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